LIVEFIT™ Weight Plate Necklace - Gold
LIVEFIT™ Weight Plate Necklace - Gold

LIVEFIT™ Weight Plate Necklace - Gold

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    The LIVEFIT™ Weight Plate Necklace has been designed to reflect a commitment to fitness, physicality and strength. As well as the complete LIVEFIT™ line, this weight plate is the every day motivation you can wear.

    The weight plate is approx. 30mm diameter and made from stainless steel, so its as indestructible as you are and can be worn during workouts without worry thanks to its moisture and tarnish resistant properties.

    Also for all those who enjoy weight lifting, running, martial arts and other sports activities this would be a perfect fashion accessory. A motivational message on the weight plate pendant "LIVEFIT" will be a perfect reminder every time your workout seems tougher that you stick to your guns through hard decisions as the pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment.

      Join the movement and....LIVEFIT

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