LIVEFIT™ Active Dumbbell Bracelet - Grey

LIVEFIT™ Active Dumbbell Bracelet - Grey

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    The Active Dumbbell bracelets are made from tough durable silicone and designed to be worn in any type of activity. Wear it at a workout, bike ride, martial arts or a yoga class, there are no limits so don’t worry about it breaking!

    This bracelet will be a great reminder and supporter for those moments where you feel like needing an extra energy in your lifestyle goals. We are all resilient through the difficult times and can overcome the challenging situations that we experience, whether physically, emotionally or mentally - we remain STRONG.

    Ideal motivational gift for your favorite spotter, encouragement for your friend or family member to improve life habits or a nice treat for yourself.

    Join the movement and....LIVEFIT

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